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Elizabeth Grant Skin Care The Holiday Recovery Kit

The Holiday Recovery Kit

$156.00 CAD$100.00 CAD
We hope you had a great time during the holidays, but we know it includes A LOT of celebrating. That can take a real toll on your complexion. We want...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Torricelumn Trio

Torricelumn Trio

$156.00 CAD$80.00 CAD
Torricelumn™ is our hero product for a reason! Torricelumn™  helps to redefine the skin’s natural anti-aging process, optimizing its youthful appearance with BioLumaEssence Technology and micronutrients. The skin appears younger, brighter, and smoother as...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Luxe Lips

Luxe Lips

$110.00 CAD$56.00 CAD
Give your pout a luxurious treat with this kit. These products give you everything you need for a photo ready smile. Our lip serum helps to rehydrate skin around the lip...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Bright and Bouncy Set

Bright and Bouncy Set

$270.00 CAD$175.00 CAD
Is your skin looking tired, dry, and just not as firm as it used to be? This is the set for you! Perfect for new moms dealing with melasma, people who...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Honey heroes

Honey heroes

$300.00 CAD$125.00 CAD
This luxe set includes the best sellers from our Royale Imperial Honey collection. This routine is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin, or anyone looking for a beginner skincare routine....
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Teens Kit

Teens Kit

$190.00 CAD$125.00 CAD
 When it comes to skincare in your teens, it's a rollercoaster. In some ways, things are less complicated. Because young skin has that undeniable bounce and plumpness all of us...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Lunar New Year Bundle

Lunar New Year Bundle

$285.00 CAD$60.00 CAD
LUNAR NEW YEAR BUNDLE To help celebrate Lunar New Year, we curated this special kit to help bring your skin good fortune for a boost of hydration and radiance. Our...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Elizabeth's 100 Birthday Bundle

Elizabeth's 100 Birthday Bundle

$235.00 CAD$100.00 CAD
Look as good as the Grande Dame at 100 with these classics! Specially curated with Elizabeth’s favourite products to pamper, treat and hydrate your skin. Save $135 for her 100th...