Safe, Effective Ingredients

    Elizabeth Grant Skin Care strives to create formulas that are safe and effective, while avoiding the use of substances that cause concern, including parabens, phthalates, nano-particles and Cocamide DEA to name a few. We are a family-led company and create products that we would be proud to share with our other family: yours.

    Made In Canada

    Elizabeth Grant Skin Care is a turn-key operation with head quarters based in Toronto, Canada. In our 124,000 sq ft facility, the entire process, from concept to completion, is executed under one roof. Our team of Research and Development Scientists are keenly focussed on the most innovative new formulas. All bulk is batched on site, and overseen by both our R&D department, and rigorous Quality controls. After strict testing protocol, it is filled in house by our people-powered production process. Our small batch, fresh-fill approach ensure you are always getting the most potent products. All warehousing is maintained on-site in a climate controlled environment. By keeping everything privately owned and manufactured under one roof right here in Canada, we can ensure the safety and quality of our products, and the people who make it.

    Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Products Are Not Tested On Animals.

    Unfortunately, in the cosmetics industry, testing cosmetics on animals is not yet a thing of the past. Many cosmetic companies test products - from eye shadows to soaps to sunscreens - on rabbits and guinea pigs to assess whether the product can cause damage, irritation or allergic reactions when applied to sensitive areas (like the eyes) or broken skin.

    Companies that do test their products on animals list the following advantages: protecting human health and safety, safeguarding the environment and/or helping them maintain a competitive edge.


    • Human skin is not the same as animal skin. One key difference is the distribution of fine blood vessels within the skin.
    • Humans and animals react differently to products. Testing products for human use on animals is less accurate than testing products for human use on humans.
    • Cosmetic testing on animals is expensive.
    • Animals suffer pain, spend their lives in cramped cages and often die shortly after the testing.


    • Cell cultures
    • Tissue cultures
    • Testing on corneas from eye banks
    • Sophisticated computer models
    • Using human volunteers

    Fortunately, many of today's leading cosmetics companies have chosen alternatives to animal testing. Elizabeth Grant Skin Care is among them. Each of our products undergo clinical studies using human volunteers who love being the first to experience the moisturizing and anti-aging benefits of our skin care products. Scientists with decades of experience in the industry test our ingredients in our sophisticated laboratories. And no product leaves our doors without being tested by Margot, whose sensitive skin and discerning tastes must be satisfied before the product gets the Elizabeth Grant seal of approval.