Skin Care Tools

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Elizabeth Grant Uplift Body Roller
Silver, Gold

Uplift Body Roller

$50.00 CAD
Do more for your skin with the Uplift Body Massage Roller. The Uplift roller helps to stimulate the blood circulation of the skin and can contribute to a firmer skin appearance...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Beauty Wand For Face & Eyes

Beauty Wand For Face & Eyes

$50.00 CAD
What it is: Stubborn lines and sagging require advanced anti-aging treatment. When you are no longer able to achieve the youthful results you desire with your daily skin care routine, it’s...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Ice Roller

Ice Roller

$40.00 CAD
A must-have for at-home facials! Our Ice Roller is a high-quality, stainless steel facial roller, perfect for cooling and soothing your skin – providing a calming, spa-like experience. Benefits: Helps...
Elizabeth Grant Reusable Silicone Face Mask

Reusable Silicone Face Mask

$20.00 CAD
What it is: Glam up your mask routine with Elizabeth Grant's reusable silicone face mask! What it does: This mask can be used 2 ways: over a face mask or over daily...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Derma Roller Micro Needling Tool

Derma Roller Micro Needling Tool

$40.00 CAD
What it is: A lightweight, slim handle design roller that has 540 individual, 0.25mm length tiny titanium needles. What it does: These ultra fine needles (0.2mm wide) gently stimulate the skin's...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care White Reusable Microfiber Facial Cleansing Puff

White Reusable Microfiber Facial Cleansing Puff

$6.00 CAD
A reusable, micro fiber facial puff that works with your cleanser to ensure that skin is cleansed of dirt, excess oils, debris and leftover makeup.
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Jade Massager

Jade Massager

$40.00 CAD
What it is: Elizabeth Grant Skin Care's newest addition to the Beauty Tools line up harnesses the ancient beauty wisdom of White Jade. What it does: Naturally cool to the touch,...
Elizabeth Grant Reusable Silicone Neck Pad

Reusable Silicone Neck Pad

$20.00 CAD
A reusable neck pad to help reduce improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Tech neck does not stand a chance!  Benefits:  Helps create a protective shield around your neck...