Elizabeth Grant


    Elizabeth Grant is the founder and face of Elizabeth Grant Skin Care. She created the company in 1948, a time when it was unusual for women to run a business. Her determination, perseverance, and the miraculous blend of Torricelumn™ have built Elizabeth Grant Skin Care into the global sensation it is today. 

    Elizabeth Grant was not always the television personality and skin care icon she is today. Born in England, Elizabeth worked as a makeup artist in London where she worked on some of the most famous faces at the time, including Vivien Leigh, Sean Connery and Noel Coward. 

    In 1945 she suffered severe damage to her face from a bomb blast, an event that shattered her self-confidence. After trying it all in the hopes of restoring her skin, she found a natural substance used to treat war wounds. She commissioned a special serum including this substance and applied it to her damaged skin. After a few months, her skin improved remarkably. Elizabeth stopped hiding and started living again.

    She knew she was onto something when her clients started complimenting her skin. When she shared samples of this miraculous blend, people came back with healthier skin and asked for more. A few years later in 1948, Elizabeth launched Elizabeth Grant Skin Care to share with more people this miraculous blend that healed her skin, Torricelumn™.

    More About Elizabeth Grant

    Initially, she sold her products on select luxury retailers, but it wasn’t until she entered The Shopping Channel that thousands more women discovered Elizabeth Grant Skin Care. Her friendly personality made Elizabeth a hit on The Shopping Channel, where she talks to “her girls” and shares her skin care secrets. 

    Even after 75+ years, Elizabeth continues to share the miracles of Torricelumn™ with the world. 

    Elizabeth's Favourites

    Marion Witz

    President, Elizabeth Grant International Inc.

    Marion Witz is the president of Elizabeth Grant Skin Care and Elizabeth’s daughter-in-law. Previously, a successful voice therapist, Marion shifted careers and joined Elizabeth Grant in 1997 when she helped bring the company to Canada. 

    As a savvy businesswoman, Marion has helped grow Elizabeth Grant International into a global company with distribution across North America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and Asia. 

    “You don’t start a successful company; it becomes a success with each step. Anyone can invest in an idea. Make each step work for you and roll to the next. Focus on the end result and steps to get there.”

    More About Marion

    Marion is not only a talented businesswoman, but she is also an author. She has published two books: “Elizabeth Grant: My Life–My Story”, and “Talk to 1000 People (And Enjoy It!)”

    Her entrepreneurial success has been wildly celebrated, she is considered one of Canada’s Top Women Entrepreneurs. Her multiple accolades include recognition on the Profit W100s and a WXN Top 100 award in the Entrepreneur category. 

    Originally from South Africa, Marion now lives in Toronto Canada with her family. She dedicates her effort time and resources to cancer-related charitable organizations. Her vision for the future involves turning Elizabeth Grant Skin Care into a household name that will be wildly available through traditional retail outlets around the world. 

    Marion's Favourites

    Margot Witz Grant

    Vice President

    Margot Grant Witz is a natural entrepreneur and businesswoman, mirroring the talent of her  grandmother Elizabeth and mother Marion. She joined the company in 2005 as a marketing and public relations manager. In 2011, she became our Vice President and the on-air spokesperson for Elizabeth Grant Skin Care television shows around the world. 

    More About Margot

    Margot, an international business graduate, spends her time travelling the globe promoting her namesake skin care brand and opening new markets for the company. Like grandmother, like granddaughter, Margot has earned a fan following around the world with her friendly, fun and informative on-air personality. 

    Margot has injected her creative talents and business instincts into the brand, which has helped expand the customer base. She helped redesign the brand logo and packaging, innovating the brand so more people can enjoy Elizabeth Grant Skin Care. 

    Her love for business is paralleled by her passion to give back. She runs “EG Cares,” our charitable division that provides education and gifts-in-kind to non-profit and charitable organizations with her focus being on animal welfare. Like her mother, Margot volunteers her time to charity. She is also an avid supporter of the Look Good Feel Better foundation, an organization that runs workshops for women living with cancer.

    Margot's Favourites

    101 Years of Elizabeth Grant, 76 Years in Business, 26 Years of coming to you live at home

    Thank you for being a part of our journey. We are proud to be a family owned skin care company, run by women. We are made from concept to completion at our offices in Toronto, Ontario Canada.