Our Commitment to Accessibility and AODA Compliance

    AODA stands for the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, a legislation in Ontario, Canada, aimed at making the province accessible for people with disabilities by setting standards for accessibility in various areas of life, including employment, customer service, transportation, and information and communications.

    AODA compliance refers to adhering to the standards outlined in this act.

    Some key aspects of AODA compliance that we are committed to at Elizabeth Grant include:

    1. Perceivable Content: Ensuring that all information and user interface components are perceivable by users with disabilities. This involves providing alternatives for non-text content, such as images and videos, through alt text or captions.

    2. Operable Interfaces: Making sure that the website's interface is operable for everyone, including those who navigate using keyboard-only or assistive technologies. This includes having logical navigation structures and controls.

    3. Understandable Information: Ensuring that content is clear and understandable, facilitating comprehension for all users, including those with cognitive disabilities. This involves using plain language, organizing content logically, and providing clear instructions.

    4. Robust Technology: Building the website using technology that is compatible with various assistive technologies, ensuring that users with disabilities can access and interact with the content effectively.

    AODA compliance is an ongoing process that involves regular audits, updates, and improvements to ensure that websites and digital content continue to meet the evolving standards and requirements outlined in the legislation. It's not only about meeting legal obligations but also about creating a more inclusive and accessible online environment for all users.

    Our commitment: 

    We have condicted an informed audit and provided team training regarding AODA compliance. This website is for everyone and we encourage users to provide us with feedback by reaching out to info@elizabethgrant.com. We welcome any feedback on website accessibility, and we encourage users to report any barriers they encounter. We are committed to providing timely responses to your concerns.

    We also schedule regular accessibility audits for elizabethgrant.com to ensure ongoing compliance, and promptly address any new issues or changes in AODA standards.

    Furthermore we have designated a staff member at Elizabeth Grant as the Accessibility Coordinator responsible for overseeing and implementing the AODA compatibility plan.

    We commit to stay informed about changes to AODA standards and update the plan for elizabethgrant.com accordingly.