Our Story

    In 1948 London, England, it was unusual for women to run a business. That didn’t stop Elizabeth Grant. She had something revolutionary to share with the world.

    Near the end of the Second World War, Elizabeth’s face suffered severe damage after a bomb blast. She tried it all in an effort to heal her skin and restore her self-confidence. As she researched, she discovered a natural substance used to treat war wounds. She commissioned a special serum with this substance and used it to treat her damaged skin. 

    What she had created was life-changing. Within eight months, her skin improved remarkably—she started living again. Suddenly something that brought her shame became the source of compliments. Everyone needed to know her skin care secret. 

    The rest, as they say, is history. This miracle blend, Torricelumn™, along with Elizabeth’s vision, transformed the company from a small home-based business into a global sensation. Our line has grown from our Supreme Essence of Torricelumn™ into a multi-product line for all concerns, from hyperpigmentation to fine lines and redness.  

    Today, Elizabeth Grant Skin Care remains a family-owned business with all operations happening under one roof in Toronto, Canada. From development to manufacturing, we keep it all in-house to protect the quality we have become known for over the years and to eliminate unnecessary costs that add to higher pricing. 

    Elizabeth Grant: The Face Behind The Brand

    3 Generations of Women

    We keep it in the family. While Elizabeth Grant, at 100 years of age, remains part of the company, she is not alone. Her daughter-in-law Marion Witz and granddaughter Margot Grant Witz accompany Elizabeth as President and Vice President. Three generations of women walking with you through the beautiful journey that is ageing.

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