Margot Grant Witz

    Margot grew up as a student of beauty and style. Her Grandmother, Elizabeth Grant, is the original founder of the luxury skin care company Elizabeth Grant International Inc. and her Mother, Marion Witz, is the President. Several years ago, Elizabeth and Marion welcomed Margot into the company. The three women work side by side making Elizabeth Grant Skin Care a widely successful international beauty brand. Margot now proudly holds the position of Vice President and she is an on-air spokesperson for Elizabeth Grant Skin Care television shows around the world.

    Much like her Grandmother and Mother, Margot is a citizen of the world. Hailing from South Africa originally, Margot now calls Toronto, Canada home. Before moving to Toronto, Margot graduated with an international business degree from the prestigious Grenoble E'cole De Management in the south of France. Now, she spends a great deal of time traveling the globe promoting her namesake beauty brand and opening up new markets for the company. Just like Elizabeth, Margot has also quickly achieved a fan following around the world with her friendly, fun, and informative on-air personality.

    Margot began her career at Elizabeth Grant International Inc. in the Public Relations and Marketing department where she quickly excelled using her creative talents and natural business instincts, which injected the brand with an expanded customer base. Her public relations acumen has resulted in Elizabeth Grant Skin Care products that are often heralded a ‘beauty favourite’ by top editors around the world. Margot has a strong understanding of the international marketplace and an innate understanding of the importance of brand image. During her first years at the company, Margot redesigned the company logo, created new product packaging, developed new and innovative products, and truly brought the brand forward making it a recognized brand around the world.

    Following her Grandmother’s example, Margot also knows that attending festivals, charity galas, and society events are another important part of the business. Margot brings the Elizabeth Grant Skin Care brand to the red carpet with style and class.

    Nevertheless, it’s not all business and networking for Margot. She has a keen sense of the real world around her and a deep need to give back.The charitable division at Elizabeth Grant International ‘EG Cares’ is also run by Margot. EG Cares provides education and gifts in-kind to non-profit and charitable organizations.

    Margot is also a volunteer and avid supporter of Look Good Feel Better, an organization that runs workshops for women living with cancer, where she gives out Elizabeth Grant Skin Care's Rejuvenating Serums and lends her support. Margot recognizes the importance of feeling good about oneself and positive thinking while going through treatment.

    From the moment Margot took her first step, Elizabeth had her practicing in ‘training’ heels. Now, Elizabeth and Marion have Margot by their side as they continue to build the luxury brand that is Elizabeth Grant Skin Care. They may be generations apart, but together Elizabeth, Marion, and Margot Grant make an unbeatable beauty trio.