Tropical Mango Body Scrub

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SKU: GNB-1-741250-200
size: 9.20 W × 5.00 H × 5.00 L

What it is:
An exfoliating body scrub infused with the fresh sweet scent of mango.

What it does:
Transport yourself to the beautiful tropics. This deliciously scented scrub gently buffs skin leaving it smooth and touchable with a light refreshing scent of mango.

Who it's for:
Recommended for all skin types.

How to use:
Gently massage onto clean, wet skin. Rinse thoroughly.

What's in it:
Torricelumn™- Elizabeth Grant Skin Care’s superior moisturizing compound, clinically tested to boost hydration levels, plumping the appearance of the skin making it look firmer and smoother.

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