Coming up with a gift can feel like an impossible task — especially if they are the “has everything, wants nothing” type. Finding gits for husbands, boyfriends, and dads can be even more tricky. To help, we’ve done the hardest work for you, finding thoughtful and useful gifts for even the pickiest person on your list. From less expensive presents that could be a component of a multipart gift, to our signature formulas in larger sizes, every item on this list is sure to add some relaxation to their holiday.

Routine Ready

Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Bright and Bouncy Set

Bright and Bouncy Set

$270.00 CAD$175.00 CAD
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Torricelumn Trio

Torricelumn Trio

$150.00 CAD$97.00 CAD
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Honey Heroes

Honey Heroes

$300.00 CAD$195.00 CAD