Uneven Skin Tone

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Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Professional Institute Microdermabrasion Face Polish
100mL, 200mL

Professional Institute Microdermabrasion Face Polish

$50.00 CAD – $75.00 CAD
What it is: Elizabeth Grant’s Professional Institute brings the professional office to your home.  What it does: The Microdermabrasion Face Polish contains perfectly round spherical crystals that, while massaging, roll along the...
Elizabeth Grant Progressive Peeling Treatment

Progressive Peeling Treatment

$50.00 CAD
What it is: The Wonder Effect Progressive Peeling Treatment is a 4 week at home facial resurfacing treatment.  What it does: Each week the treatment gently intensifies until week 4, when it...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Glycolic 10% Mask
100 ml

Glycolic 10% Mask

$30.00 CAD
What it is:This creamy, hydrating clay mask with glycolic acid is formulated to help exfoliate, moisturize and revitalize the skin gently. Who it is for:This product is suitable for all...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Vitamin C Gold C Concentrate Serum
45 ml, 90 ml

Vitamin C Gold C Concentrate Serum

$50.00 CAD – $70.00 CAD
What it is: Pure Vitamin C is bonded with gold micro-particles to help preserve its purity and strength. While Vitamin C is attached to the gold particles it remains dormant...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Advanced Retinol Serum
60 ml

Advanced Retinol Serum

$80.00 CAD
What it is: Harness the power of Retinol and make it work hard for your skin. A true wonder ingredient, retinol has been shown to help stimulate skin rejuvenation, which is critical...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Transformation Probiotic Night Cream
50 ml

Transformation Probiotic Night Cream

$80.00 CAD
This probiotic-rich night cream helps boost and replenish skin hydration while also helping to feed the skin with good bacteria, promoting and restoring a healthier skin microbiome. The result, the...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Vitamin C Gold C Day Cream
50 ml

Vitamin C Gold C Day Cream

$50.00 CAD
A lightweight, high-performance Vitamin C moisturizer supercharged with Gold and boosted with Torricelumn™ helping to protect skin while helping to improve skin tone, radiance, smoothness, and hydration. Benefits:  Helps brighten...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Featherlight Prebiotic Day Cream
50 ml

Featherlight Prebiotic Day Cream

$70.00 CAD
This Prebiotic rich day cream works on the skin microbiome helping to maintain, re-balance and restore healthy, clarified, younger-looking skin. Pair it with our Transformation Night Cream to help maintain...