Cleansers + Exfoliators

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Elizabeth Grant Triple Action Cleanser

Triple Action Cleanser

$30.00 CAD
This facial cleanser is a triple threat to dull, oily, aging skin. It uses two powerful AHAs and a BHA to resurface, smooth, and brighten the skin. Glycolic acid exfoliates dead...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Wonder Effect Toner
240 ml

Wonder Effect Toner

$25.00 CAD
What it is:An exceptionally gentle yet very powerful facial toner to gently exfoliate the skin, remove impurities from clogged pores, and tighten open pores. Who it is for:Suitable for combination,...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Professional Institute Microdermabrasion Face Polish
100mL, 200mL

Professional Institute Microdermabrasion Face Polish

$50.00 CAD – $75.00 CAD
What it is: Elizabeth Grant’s Professional Institute brings the professional office to your home.  What it does: The Microdermabrasion Face Polish contains perfectly round spherical crystals that, while massaging, roll along the...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Collagen Re-inforce 3D Cleanser
240 ml

Collagen Re-inforce 3D Cleanser

$30.00 CAD
What it is: Cleanse, strengthen, and lift the look of the skin with phyto-collagen, marine collagen, bio-advanced peptides, silk, and Torricelumn™. The Collagen Re-Inforce 3D Cleanser helps remove oil and impurities...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Suprême Cell Vitality Toner
240 ml

Suprême Cell Vitality Toner

$25.00 CAD
What it is:Rich in nourishing and hydrating botanicals, this gel cleanser deep cleans and softens skin. Who it is for:Suitable for all skin types. What it does:Wash every little fragment...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Caviar Cellular Recharge Super Cleansing Milk
240 ml

Caviar Cellular Recharge Super Cleansing Milk

$30.00 CAD
A rich and deeply moisturizing, cleanser that combines a skin loving blend of our special Caviar complex and Torricelumn™ to help gently cleanse skin without stripping it of moisture.  Note:...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Cleansing Balm
100 ml

Cleansing Balm

$56.00 CAD
A gentle, yet effective cleanser that transforms from a balm to a silky oil, working to melt away face and eye makeup while leaving skin feeling soft, smooth, and supple....
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Vitamin C Gold C Cleanser
240 ml

Vitamin C Gold C Cleanser

$25.00 CAD
A gentle Vitamin C cleanser supercharged with Gold and boosted with Torricelumn™ removes impurities with foaming action. Purified and invigorated, skin will appear thoroughly cleansed, refreshed, and soft to the...