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Elizabeth Grant Skin Care 24HR Eye Cream w. Probiotic Yoghurt + Vibrating Massager

24HR Eye Cream w. Probiotic Yoghurt + Vibrating Massager

$30.00 CAD – $40.00 CAD
24HR Eye Cream w. Probiotic Yoghurt - 15ml Help de-puff, brighten & firm the look of tired eyes. This eye cream is formulated with probiotic-rich yoghurt and fermented honey for a...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Advanced Retinol Serum
60 ml

Advanced Retinol Serum

$80.00 CAD
What it is: Harness the power of Retinol and make it work hard for your skin. A true wonder ingredient, retinol has been shown to help stimulate skin rejuvenation, which is critical...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Featherlight Prebiotic Day Cream
50 ml

Featherlight Prebiotic Day Cream

$70.00 CAD
This Prebiotic rich day cream works on the skin microbiome helping to maintain, re-balance and restore healthy, clarified, younger-looking skin. Pair it with our Transformation Night Cream to help maintain...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Glycolic 10% Mask
100 ml

Glycolic 10% Mask

$30.00 CAD
What it is:This creamy, hydrating clay mask with glycolic acid is formulated to help exfoliate, moisturize and revitalize the skin gently. Who it is for:This product is suitable for all...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Miracle 02 Eye Serum
30 ml

Miracle 02 Eye Serum

$40.00 CAD
An exceptional anti-aging serum for the eye area. This serum absorbs into the skin with a deep rejuvenating action, helping to reveal a smoother pearlescent radiance in the appearance of...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Night Wonder Concentrate PM Reset
90 ml

Night Wonder Concentrate PM Reset

$70.00 CAD
What it is: A gentle exfoliating treatment for the skin that works all night long to deeply moisturize, repair, rejuvenate, and drastically improve the condition of skin affected by environmental stressors. Who it...
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Professional Institute Hyaluron Serum
90 ml

Professional Institute Hyaluron Serum

$90.00 CAD
What it is: The Professional Institute brings the power of proven dermatological treatments into your own home. Enjoy multi-depth hydration with a serum that brings balance to the skin, plumps and...
Elizabeth Grant Progressive Peeling Treatment

Progressive Peeling Treatment

$50.00 CAD
What it is: The Wonder Effect Progressive Peeling Treatment is a 4 week at home facial resurfacing treatment.  What it does: Each week the treatment gently intensifies until week 4, when it...