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    Torricelumn™ at work

    Since 1948

    All in the Family

    We keep it in the family. While Elizabeth Grant, at 100 years of age, remains part of the company, she is not alone. Her daughter-in-law Marion Witz and granddaughter Margot Grant Witz accompany Elizabeth as President and Vice President. Three generations of women walking with you through the beautiful journey that is ageing.

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    Made in Canada

    Our products are proudly made entirely in Toronto, Canada from the initial concept to the final product. We oversee every aspect of the production process, ensuring quality control and faster turnaround times. By supporting us, you're also supporting the Toronto community and contributing to the local economy. Being produced in Toronto, we seek to reflect the beauty and diversity that surrounds us. Our mission is to empower people to love their skin, and to take time to relish in self care consciously.

    Why Elizabeth Grant?

    • Proudly made in Canada

      From concept to completion, the entire process is executed under one roof at our offices in Toronto, Ontario.

    • Not Tested on Animals

      Our products undergo clinical studies using human volunteers who love being the first to experience the moisturizing and anti-aging benefits of our products.

    • We Offer Worldwide Shipping

      Yes, we can ship anywhere in the world. Shipping rates vary so please check out our shipping policies for further details.

    • 100% Money Back Guarantee

      We offer a 100%, no questions asked money back guarantee within 30 days of ordering.