“She’s my mother-in-law, she’s my friend, we travel together, we have the most wonderful relationship,” says Witz. “This year, I co-authored a book on her life, because she has had the most exceptional life, and her life is very inspirational.”

Although the revived company has its roots in Canada, it is truly an international business. Its single most important market is Germany, which accounts for nearly two-thirds of its annual revenue, Witz says.

The company also looks well-positioned to grow in the future, as a third generation — Witz’s daughter, Margot — has taken on a senior role. She has launched a new product line called The Socializer, which is geared to a youthful clientele.

“I say she is bringing the company to the next generation,” says Witz. “It has gained so much popularity and is on all the celebrity billboards.”

“It is very exciting, as a mother, to see this, and also to see how the company is evolving.”